Sunday, 24 July 2005

iTunes tip

Although I still don't have an iPod, I use the free iTunes program quite a lot to play music while I work. But I've been a bit troubled by its apparent tendency to favour certain songs over others. I realize this is probably just the luck of the draw, but I'd prefer to avoid it, and now I can.

I found a tip somewhere on the Web that seems so obvious once it's pointed out. Just set up a smart playlist that excludes any songs played recently. I chose to exclude any songs played in the last month.


Jonathan said...

Subsequently I tried increasing the period to 12 months, and found there are 155 songs in the iTunes library that have never been played at all; so I've left it set at 12 months for now.

Jonathan said...

I've now set it up to play the 100 least-frequently-played songs, with the exception of any played within the last week -- so a song recently added to the collection doesn't get played over and over again.