Thursday, 18 October 2007

A place in the sun

Today I drove the short distance to Sitges to look for birthday presents for my wife. As I often do, I parked at the far end of Sitges by the Terramar Hotel, and walked the full length of the promenade into town, to get some exercise and some sun.

It's a lovely day in mid-October: under the blue sky the waves wash gently over the golden sands, the palm branches move only slightly in the breeze, and the beaches are dotted here and there with little clusters of sunbathers — the summer crowds are no longer with us. All is bathed in sun and the shade temperature is 23°C. An idyllic scene. A few people are swimming; on a beach near the church, some people are playing volleyball.

Sadly, winter is almost upon us, and we can't really expect this temperature again until May; but there are fine days even in winter, albeit normally somewhat cooler. It's not a bad place to live.