Sunday, 15 May 2005

World at War (2)

This morning I managed to finish my first game of Gary Grigsby's World at War, having started yesterday.

Playing as the Western Allies at Easy level, I scored a marginal defeat: when the game ended at the end of 1946, Germany was on the verge of complete defeat (mostly overrun by the Soviet Union) but Japan was still flourishing in the Far East, because I never really figured out how to attack it. My only achievements were to liberate North Africa, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Although the game is simpler and quicker than most games set in this period, it's still not as quick nor as easy to play as I'd like. The manual runs to 115 pages. As with most computer games, you can see only a small portion of the map at a time, and you can't see the disposition of forces at a glance: you have to mouse over a particular area to see in detail what units are in that area. The units are shown only as pictures, not all of which are easy to distinguish (a heavy fleet is shown as a ship just slightly bigger than a light fleet).

But my main problem with this game is that I don't really enjoy playing it, and this is a subjective matter that may defy analysis. I think the Second World War probably just doesn't suit me as a subject: for game purposes, I prefer the wars of earlier centuries.

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